Move In/Out Cleaning

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services in Norfolk VA

Brooms & Buckets Cleaning Service understands the importance of seamless transitions during moves, and our move-in and move-out cleaning services in Norfolk, VA, are tailored to make these transitions as smooth as possible. Whether you are getting ready to move out or move into a new place, our committed staff makes sure that your areas are not only spotless but also prepared for a new beginning. With a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning in Norfolk.

Norfolk's Move-In Move-Out Specialists for Fresh Beginnings

Experience the ease of moving with our move-in move-out cleaning services in Norfolk. Our team specializes in creating sparkling spaces that welcome new beginnings. Whether you are settling into a new home or bidding farewell to one, our thorough cleaning ensures a seamless transition, leaving you with a fresh and inviting space.

Our Mission

Brooms & Buckets Cleaning Service stands as Norfolk’s move-in and move-out specialists, dedicated to providing a clean slate for fresh beginnings. Our meticulous approach ensures that your new space is spotless and welcoming, or that you leave behind a home that reflects your care. You can rely on us for a seamless and expert move-in and move-out experience in Norfolk.

Personalized Cleaning

Tailored solutions, ensuring effective and personalized cleaning.

Expert Team

Highly trained professionals providing precise cleaning expertise.

Flexibility for You

Flexible scheduling to accommodate your specific cleaning preferences.


We clean the entire property as part of our service, paying special attention to any areas that might have been overlooked. This ensures a fresh and welcoming start for new occupants or a smooth handover for property owners.
Yes, in order to meet your relocation plans, we do offer flexible scheduling, including weekends. Please contact us to discuss your preferred timing, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

 Absolutely! Our move-in move-out cleaning is ideal for rental properties, ensuring a clean and inviting space for new tenants or meeting the cleanliness standards for property handovers.